Brendan Riley’s The E-Dead Zombies in the Digital Age essay

For this assignment you must respond to Brendan Riley’s “The E-Dead: Zombies in the Digital

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Age” essay.Respond to Riley’s? What is the author saying? What is his main argument? What do you think about his

claims? Make sure to be clear about where you stand on the arguments. Do you agree, or

disagree? Or discuss to what extent you agree or disagree. Use the information covered in class

to make your reader care about the subject and to show where you stand on the issue presented.

Make sure to answer the “so what” and “who cares” question. Make your reader care about the

subject (at least enough to keep them reading until the end).

Your analysis should respond to (at least) three of the author’s claims. Make sure to quote him

directly.write 3 quote in this essay.

You may use outside information to defend your position but this should not require extensive

outside research.

This essay should be 3-5 pages.