blurred lines case study

Given what you’ve learned in Chapter 4 about Radio and the Recording
Industry, please take a moment to locate the Case Study titled, “Mashed-Up
and Mixed-Up Musical Ethics” on page 111 of your textbook.
1. Read the entire Case Study
2. Listen to the song/watch the video “Got to Give It Up” on
3. YouTube/Vimeo Listen to the song/watch the video “Blurred Lines” on
4. Provide well-written responses to the following questions after reading
the Case Study:
• What is your take on what both parties have shared?
• Given the outcome of the case, what do you think about the way
that both parties handled this issue?
• Could this have been avoided? If so, why, and how? If not, why
• How has the digital landscape impacted the recorded music

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