BIO117 Week 3 Discussion: Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs

Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs

Chapter 11 covers Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs, their nutritional and medicinal uses, and potential toxicities. 

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There are two options to complete this discussion forum:

Question A

If you, a loved one, or friend have had a positive or negative, doctor-prescribed or self-medicated, vitamin, mineral, or herb therapy for a physical or mental condition, describe

  1. your experience in an anonymous manner (e.g. female, age 22) as a case study in this post,
  2. important restrictions for usage if any to be aware of, and
  3. the outcome/lesson learned from utilizing the particular therapy. 

Post your response to this discussion forum and post a response to two peers’ posts.

Question B

Research a vitamin, mineral, or herb used as a trial drug therapy.  Use a journal article at (remember to cite the article) in your research.  

Post what you learned about the trial drug therapy and your thoughts on the potential healing functions and toxicities of the vitamin, mineral or herb. 

Post your response to this discussion forum and post a response to two peers’ posts