binge drinking case study 1


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Conduct research to understand and compare various consumer needs, motivations, beliefs, biases, and existing attitudes when it comes to the chosen product/service above.

Determine the objective of the necessary message to the target audience (e.g. to increase awareness, knowledge, and/or influence behavior).

Consider persuasion techniques and consumer behavior theories that could be used to propose communication messages and promotional campaigns and/or analyze current promotional campaigns and their effectiveness/ineffectiveness.

You must have a minimum of 10 references in your final paper:

  • If doing the case study, this means you must have a minimum of 11 references (the case study does not count toward your minimum).
  • At least 2 of these references should be high quality scholarly journal articles
  • Do NOT cite Wikipedia – if you want to use Wikipedia as a starting point of your research, make sure you find the original source Wikipedia was referencing and read that!

Answer the questions below. You must read and cite the required case study (Binge Drinking Case Study.pdf). However, you are also allowed and encouraged to add personal examples and/or other examples outside the case study as well.

1. Introduction: Create an effective introduction which includes an attention-getter, thesis/claim, context/background, and a preview of the essay body. (5 points)

2. Justification for Consumption: Identify the consumer behavior theories you could draw on to identify the function(s) that alcohol fulfills for Melanie and the means by which she seeks to rationalize her high levels of alcohol consumption. (15 points)

3. Reference Group Identification: Identify the important reference groups mentioned by Melanie. (5 points)

4. Reference Group Influences: What effect(s) do these reference groups have on her behavior and why are some of these reference groups more influential than others? (10 points)

5. Binge Consumption Examples and Implications: Are there similar examples of alcohol abuse and binge drinking in your country/hometown/state? (5 points)

6. Government Intervention Strategies: Does your government (you can research your hometown/country/state) have strategies concerning alcohol reduction and what are its key aspects? Drawing on Melanie’s story, which policies do you think are most likely to prove effective and ineffective for young people and students? (10 points)

7. Advertisement Analysis: Research and analyze at least 5 alcohol reduction campaigns available online (e.g. TV Commercials, Print Ads). You can choose campaigns from any country. Which campaigns (if any) do you think would be effective in influencing the drinking habits of your peer group? Why? (25 points)

8. Conclusion: Create an effective conclusion that ties back to the introduction’s attention-getter, thesis/claim, context/background, and summarizes the essay’s main ideas (5 points)

Formatting Guidelines: