BHS SLP Module 5 Success Stories

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Foundation for this assignment

Throughout the session, you have learned about health issues that affect a certain population. In this assignment, you will apply everything you’ve learned and create a presentation about what you have learned.If we were in a traditional classroom, you would show your presentation to the class. For this assignment, only your professor will see the presentation.

Task for this assignment

Create a PowerPoint presentation about the population and health issue you focused on in Module 1(BHS350_SLP_culture_healthcare.docx). Describe the issue and the population. Discuss the extent to which the population’s behaviors, culture, genetics, or environment contribute to the issue. Include information about who has already done something to address the issue, and what has been done. Also include what can be done in the future to address the issue (and by whom).

In one slide, comment on how colleagues in your current or future health profession are (or could be) involved in addressing the issue.

Use a variety of resources for this presentation. At least two sources must come from peer-reviewed scholarly journals in Trident’s online library.

You should have 10 – 15 slides, including the cover slide and a reference slide. Please make these slides easy to read and visually appealing using graphics and a PowerPoint design template.

Here is a lesson about how to create a PowerPoint presentation, in case this is new to you –