Beat it Michael Jackson Essay. Connecting outside sources to the video through surveillance.

MUST USE 3 out of the 5 sources for the essay. First paragraph should be about what the music vide BEAT IT is about and the meaning behind it and then 3 connecting paragraphs between beat it and surveillance the meaning to 3 of the secondary sources.

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This SHORT ASSIGNMENT 4 below is what I am suppose to use for this assignment I am sending in. Did annotated bibs for 5 sources must USE BERGER SOURCES ESSAY and then ONE of the outside sources and then 3rd one which it can be either the DEVOR ONE OR one of the 2 other Cours essays I would tell you to use the Annotated bibs from BERGER, RACHMAND, AND DEVORS for the 3 paragraphs when u connect them each back to the music video.

Dylan Friedman

Short Assignment 4

Michael Jackson taking a closer look

To what extent do the song and video of Beat It by Michael Jackson show how surveillance has an on affect society? First, I will give you a little background to the song and what is happening in the video. The video opens with the news of a fight brewing up at a food place. This scene repeats itself at a bar with a lot of pool tables, where gang members arrive, forklift, and out of sewers, while the video’s titular song begins to play. The camera then brings us to Michael Jackson lying on a bed as he rethinks the senseless violence. Jackson notices rival gangs and leaves. Michael Jackson finds a red leather jacket, and dances his way towards the fight through the bar. A knife fight is taking place between the two gang leaders in a warehouse. They dance battle continues until Jackson arrives. Michael Jackson breaks the fight up and begins a dance routine. The video ends with the gang members joining him in the dance, agreeing that violence is not the solution to their problems. During the music video, there are different ways of surveillance use through the use of camera angles and other ways. Throughout the video, there is an emphasis put on important people within the spotlight raining down and hitting them and making them shine when their main part is on. At the start of the video there are two black men sitting at a bar and then these noises que them in to begin. The song begins with background music and as the doors in the video are closing so it makes a nice sound that complimented the video with the song. At the beginning of the song they use sound effects to bring in a real-life feeling and then they bring the instrumentals in. In the song when Michael Jackson says “Beat it” there is always emphasis within the scene of him saying those words and doing something powerful, whether it is slamming a door or opening one. This song is about never giving up and keep fighting and they show it this in the music video and with the use of the bird’s eye view it brings out some scenes more than others to show the importance of the scene and song. As the song progresses there is a dance off as in the streets between gangs. I choose this music video because Michael Jackson is one of my top 5 artists to listen to of all time. I also felt that it relates well to our courses essays, such as Berger and Devor. These two essays discuss gender and the authors views about gender and how they affect society. In the video Beat It, surveillance affected how the song finished with peace coming between the gangs.

Annotated Bibliography

Primary Source

Jackson, Michael, director. YouTube. YouTube, YouTube, 11 Apr. 2011,

The video begins with a lot of new news coming out a lot of tension around a food area. The first scene repeats itself at a bar with a lot of pool tables, where gang members arrive, forklift, and out of sewers. Then we get brought to Michael Jackson lying on a bed as he rethinks the senseless violence. This is what the video is about. It is about violence and how to solve it. Then, Jackson notices rival gangs and leaves. A knife fight is taking place between the two gang leaders in a warehouse. They dance battle continues until Jackson arrives. Michael Jackson breaks the fight up and begins a dance routine. The video ends with the gang members joining him in the dance, agreeing that violence is not the solution to their problems. This source is the most important one in myn paper because it is what the [a[per is being written about. This song was the song I had not come up for an inquiry question for. This source connects Berger because he uses visuals to show dominance in gender and in this video surveillance helps Michael Jackson explain violence.

Secondary Sources

Berger, John. Ways of Seeing ; a Book Made by John Berger. British Broadcasting Corporation and Penguin Books, 1972.

John Berger analyzes the subject of females nudity through the use of art. Berger starts off with how women view themselves, making sure their image only reveals a good image. Berger discusses how women’s actions are looked at, labeled, while men are looked as merely action or reaction. An assumption from the essay is how there is unequal power between genders in societies. Berger explains to us how gender relationships are historical. Berger shows visuals and textual evidence that there is some discrimination. He refers to Adam and Eve, and Surveyor or Surveyed to show the unequal power between genders in societies. This source will be incorporated with my paper through the use of surveillance and how they use surveillance to view other. Beger is a big believer in visuals telling you a lot and connecting the video of Beat it with his views will help a more successful paper be written. Berger connects to Devor because they both talk about gender and how each sex is viewed in society.

Devor, Holly. Gender Blending: Confronting the Limits of Duality. Indiana Univ. Press, 1990.

Aaron H. Devor describes how society affects stereotypes when talking about gender, in his text. Devor creates his own Schema about identifying genders with a “label”. Society has expectations and rules genders. He is saying there are things in society that we do by gender that separate us making expectations and rules. Activities are divided into suitable and unsuitable categories for each gender class. He also believes in Masculinity and Femininity playing a role in society Masculinity is described as being aggressive, competitive, and dominant, while Femininity is described as passive and submissive. Research has proven that gender identity is partially viewed by secondary sex characteristics. They did a study where they split up the characteristics between girls and boys straight down the middle 50/50. Almost 70% said that they thought the doll was a boy. Devor’s main purpose of the article was to warn

against the patriarchal schema, to warn you about the path the gender identity is going down, and not to judge a book by it’s cover.

Foucault, Michel. Discipline and Punish: the Birth of the Prison. Vintage Books, 1995.

Niccol, Andrew, director. Gattaca–Electronic Press Kit. 1997.

Foucault uses the term panopticism to which is where power in which behavior could be modified. Panopticism is something the Foculat believed in. It’s when behavior could be modified which he views it as a symbol of the society of surveillance. Foucault makes the reader view surveillance as something that is not stable with examples from Leper communities and the plague. Foucault views surveillance as everyone can view everyone and it’s not as focused on who is more dominant. Foucault connects because of the Leper communities saving the people with the plague. This source will be used in the paper because it helps support how surveillance has an effect on society by them sending all the sick people with the plague to Leper communities. This connects to the music video with Michael Jackson going in and watching over the gangs to break up the fights.

Ramchand, Rajeev, et al. “Surveillance.” Suicide Postvention in the Department of Defense: Evidence, Policies and Procedures, and Perspectives of Loss Survivors, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, Calif., 2015, pp. 5–16. JSTOR,

There are all different types of surveillance that have an effect on things. Suicide surveillance involves track and reports information related to suicide. An approach to prevention is built around surveillance because it enables real problem solving. Systematic surveillance of suicide is lacking in the United States. In this article they talk about Psychological Autopsies and Criminal Investigation how it connects with suicide and in a way it connects with how effective surveillance is. This will be used in my paper to give a different view of surveillance and the other effects this has. In my paper I can connect this to Foucault with deaths being involved and how surveillance affects them in different ways weather with a plague or because of suicide.

Willis, James, and Susan Silbey. “Self, Surveillance, and Society.” The Sociological Quarterly, vol. 43, no. 3, 2002, pp. 439–445. JSTOR, JSTOR,

This article is about Thomas Viore. He thinks surveillance is bad. Tom is a voyeur who collects personal data on unsuspecting women, tapes his consensual sexual relations. He explains how mass media, visuals, and communication technologies present elements of postmodernity. He has access to many tools: remote cameras, hidden microphones, World Wide Web, and personal computers. Tom can live independently and liver on his own, yet enjoy the same amount if not more of others. This is because he has the power to see people and hear them without them knowing. This is one of the effects of surveillance. This will be used in the paper because it has good information on the effects people can have with surveillance and what access they have and what they can do it with. I would connect this with either Berger or Devar depending on which path I will take, Either a more graphic one or a more fact and studies based.