Bargaining Agreement


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In place of a research paper, we will be analyzing a simulated labor negotiation process between ““The Zinnia and Service Workers Local H-56” involving a fictitious 300-room hotel in Minneapolis (The Zinnia) and a fictitious local union, Local H-56 of the International Union of Service Workers and Allied Employees”. You will be responsible for a written analysis of the overall process. This will require an understanding of both sides of the negotiating issues – management and labor. All of the background information can be found on the website at, including an Excel spreadsheet for contract costing and Word documents for creating bargaining goals. Any cells marked in blue can be modified by students. There are password-protected areas of the website that contain management-only and union-only documents. The management password is “lucy” and the union password is “justice.”

The final submission should be no less than 1500 words of original thought, use a minimum of 8 outside references, and include the following:

  • Overview of initial position (for each side)
    • Background
    • Financial situation / constraints
    • Objectives
  • Bargaining Approach
    • A description of what you believe are the best bargaining positions for each side and why. Consider a two-phased approach with an initial position and the minimum requirements of each side.
  • Final Agreement
    • Make a recommendation for the most optimal outcome and why you consider it so.
  • Personal Evaluation
    • Recommendations for addressing and overcoming conflict within the negotiation
    • Approaching negotiation compromises