attend a clinical setting for 4days 9 5pm write a time line of events that you participated eg meetings you attended what were they about staff disciplinary meetings and evaluation of the meetings

  1. Describe your role and responsibilities as a nurse manager.
  2. Provide instructional guidance to students re: the practice of key elements of nursing leadership and management (e.g. staffing and scheduling, conducting meetings, supervising staff, etc.).
  3. Provide opportunity for student to review formal organizational structure, mission, vision, values, philosophy, goals and objectives, policies/procedures, and standards of practice.
  4. Facilitate learning opportunities for the student to analyze the goals and objectives of a nursing unit or the organization (e.g. staff meetings, committee meetings and other interdisciplinary activities).

Student Role

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  1. Attend clinical as planned with Preceptor, and be prepared to discuss the major elements of leadership as learned from the readings and the assignments.
  1. Explore the role of leadership and management as practiced by nurses in the organization (reflect this in clinical observation summary).
  1. Compare and contrast leadership and management styles as practiced within this setting with those learned in class assignments and readings (reflect this in clinical observation summary).
  1. Analyze the formal and informal goals and objectives of the nursing unit or organization (reflect this in clinical observation summary).
  1. Submit a clinical observation summary at the end of the course.