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This Assignment consists of four (4) short essay questions. You may use your notes and course materials. Make sure you provide substantive answers to the questions. Use only scholarly, objective sources for your resources. Make sure to provide citations to all of your references, using APA format and citation style. Make sure you have proofread your work before submitting it to make sure your answers are grammatically sound and free of spelling, typographical and punctuation errors.

Sources are attached below

Question One: you were introduced to the issues surrounding Alcohol control contrasted with tobacco control. Compare and contrast the health effects and regulation approaches to tobacco control with alcohol control.

—–Source: Preventive Medicine

Question 2: we discussed the debate over alcoholism and whether it is a disease such that it is a disorder or illness that the individual is not responsible for having contracted or whether it is a label by society that is attached to a pattern of drinking that is characterized by personal and social dysfunctions. Which of these views do you accept and what is the support for your position?

—–Source: Alcoholism Research

Questions 3: we examined different models of abuse and some of the risk factors. Two predominant factors are age and gender. Why are these factors significant?

—–Source: Gender orientation and alcohol

Question Four: What role do we as a society play in fostering a “wet” environment for alcoholism or alcohol use disorder and what steps can be taken to effect change so that alcohol is only used by all in moderation?