marketing seminar week 1 discussion question

Discussion Question (week 1):

Please read the attached pdf file: “Ch1-Marketing in Today’s Business Milieu”, which is Chapter1 from the text book and it is 23 pages long.

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After you read the attached file, please try to answer the Discussion Question pasted blow.

Question: ↓

Based on what you’re learning in chapter 1, who are the marketing stakeholders? Do you think that marketers should pay any special attention to the marketing stakeholders or someone else? If so, what type of special attention?

Please explain your answers and provide examples.


*Your answer should be no less than a one-page single-spaced document.

**Please make sure the originality and quality of your work.

***Please cite all used outside sources properly in APA format.

****There will be a subsequent assignment one or two days later related to responding to three other students’ answers. For the subsequent assignment, I will check your availability first and invite you to do it if you are available.

*****I attached another word document which is the copy of the description of the assignment as I cannot insert any pictures here.

Thank you!