diet describe and interpret a photograph 2

DIET: Describe and Interpret a Photograph

For the photographic image posted online for this assignment, write a four to six paragraph paper describing the image and interpreting it. Use information that you have learned from the lecture titled: Week 1 D.I.E.T. Describe and Interpret.

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Approach this with fresh eyes, please do not research the image online until after you have written your paper, this exercise has nothing to do with the name of the photograph or who took it. If you know who took this photograph, remember that does not need to be in the paper.

Consider looking at the Glossary Lecture when using photographic terms. Always remember when describing a Photograph to use terms for the period of when the photo was taken. Assume most photographs we learn about in this class were taken using traditional processes, never use digital terms unless it is apparent it might be a digital photograph.

Do not evaluate or theorize in this paper.

I have to send a video to describe the video. It must be emailed because it is too big to upload. I will also upload a sample paper of a different image for you to get a better understanding. Please ask me any question if you feel uncertain about something.

1st upload – Picture the assignment is on.

2nd upload – Sample paper of a different picture