essay edit revolutions of 1848 in marxist perspective


Select at least two of the Revolutions of 1848 and then analyze and explain them as if you were a Marxist historian. You will need to explain the causes, events, and final outcome of each revolution from the perspective of a Marxist historian.

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I want this essay to be edited because I don’t think it is talking enough about the “causes, events and final outcome of each revolutions.” Also, I’m not sure how it is reflecting the perspective of a Marxist historian.

Please edit the essay so it fulfills every requirement on the question, and also finish the conclusion for me.

Additionally, please write a brief outline(at least 3 sentences for each paragraphs) for this essay.

Thank you. I chose the minimum cost for this question, but I will pay extra as a tip if I’m satisfied enough.

This essay is very important to me so please help.