should students be allowed to collaborate during exams

In the work world, collaboration on projects is greatly encouraged among team members, but in the academic world, students are not allowed to collaborate during exams. They are expected to work independently. Should students be allowed to collaborate during exams?

Discuss this topic following the pattern of the Rogerian argument as seen and discussed in class. Remember that your task is to acknowledge the merits or demerits of both sides of the argument and blend the arguments into a position that will strike a compromise between the two sides.

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To do this, first state the problem clearly, then present your points on the opposing side (against) objectively. Next, counter with your points on the proposing (for) and then seek compromise for both sides in a win-win proposal.

This essay is due on the 13th of April class time. It should be typed in Times New Roman 12-point format, double-spaced and stapled, following the MLA citation model. You must use at least 4 academic sources, documented on a Works Cited page. Your paper should be no less that two pages but no more than 4 pages long.