assignment evaluate current quality assurance efforts quot looking for robert f only quot

  • Evaluate Current Quality Assurance Efforts
    • Read the text book Measuring Health Care: Using quality data for operational, financial, and clinical improvement by Dlugacz, 2006 chapter 3 and 4 and review Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Roadmap for Implementing Value Driven Healthcare in the Traditional Medicare Fee-for-Service Program With this national program outlined, you will:
        • Investigate the role of the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) Health Effectiveness Data Information Set (HEDIS).
        • Pick one of the current HEDIS measures (for example, blood lead level in children, falls in older adults, patient satisfaction with providers).
        • Conduct research using the NCQA’s State of Healthcare Quality report.
        • Identify key indicators of quality related to the HEDIS measure you chose.
    • Read the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s 2008 State of Health Care Quality. This will help you determine the trends of the HEDIS measure you choose to discuss in this unit and the next unit. This is a longer document to read, so focus your attention on the trends. Brows the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s 2009 HEDIS 2009 Summary Measures, Product Line and Changes. And Browse the U.S. Department of Health’s PQRI Measures List.
    • How does the Roadmap for Success help define the need for the NCQA?
    • Describe your HEDIS measure (you pick one of the current HEDIS measure).
    • What are the current trends for that measure?
    • Why is it important to measure this area?
    • Evaluate the role of quality assurance in the improvement of patient outcomes.
    • Provide conclusions and recommendations.

Steps to complete the assignment:

Assignment paper need to be clear and well organized, with no technical writing errors, APA style: Citations and reference must be formatted using current APA style, Font Time New Roman, 12 Point and length of paper should be 2-3 pages, answering the following of your choice HEDIS measure:

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In order to complete this assignment, be sure you have read the above items that are also listed in the studies for this unit