Assignment # 4 : writing a memorandum Appealing to A Decision Maker. (one page)

Assignment # 4 : Appealing to A Decision Maker – Chapter 7 pages 231-235

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In this recent module, we have discussed two very important aspects of business writing: understanding the executive reader and using document design to develop effective communications for that reader. The purpose of this memo is to explain your next assignment, which will be due on Monday …………………………… in class.

Please read below for specific information to help you understand your task and its guidelines.

Some Background on your Audience for the Assignment

You will be communicating with an executive reader about a subject that is somewhat new to him/her. In the assignment, your goal is to connect with this reader quickly, help him/her to understand what he/she needs to do, and craft a document that will be easy for them to use. You will need to refer to your notes and slides from our class discussions, as well as some materials from the textbook.

Your audience for your document is Dr. Irma Becerra, President of Marymount University.

Dr. Becerra has been at the helm of Marymount since July 2018, and she enjoys wide support from both the college community and the surrounding residential and business areas of Arlington.

Your Purpose in Writing to the Reader

As Director of Student Recruitment, you know that the competition for admits is at an all-time high. While admissions and college counselors must expand their bag of tricks, you believe that small colleges must present all members of its faculty and staff as accessible if they are to be successful at building relationships with prospective students.

You think that Dr. Becerra presents a unique voice to represent Marymount as its new president. You write a memo, asking her to develop a blog. In your research, you have found that corporate leaders who blog have realized major advancements for their firms. As the executive in charge of our organization, you would like to see Dr. Becerra use this new social media channel to build a new kind of bridge to prospective students and their families.

How to Get Started

First, you should read pages 231- 235 from Chapter 7 in your textbook. This section explains Blogging for Business; How Companies Blog; Best Practices and Writing a Captivating Blog. Most pertinent and important to you, why they are effective for business leaders.

While Dr. Becerra does not run a business, she is the executive in charge of a large organization that operates in many ways as most businesses do. I encourage you to refer to information you find meaningful and relevant in the chapter as a way to convince your reader of the value of your request.

Next, consider the following guidelines for developing an effective and meaningful message for a busy decision-maker:

  • Analyze your audience, her perspective on this subject and her concerns about the topic and what you are asking. This is new work for her!
  • Consider how she reads and what she considers valuable.
  • Think about how you can develop a message with Reader Benefits in mind. Don’t forget Intrinsic Motivations and Extrinsic Rewards!
  • Don’t forget that you must craft this message so that this busy reader will actually want to read what you have written and will do what you ask! Choose helpful document design strategies to structure your message.

You are writing a memorandum. Please limit your submission to one pages! You can find a model of an effective memo on page 221.