Assignment #3

Assignment #3 – Selection and Training Plan (SLO 1-6) – Due

11:59 PM

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Assignment #3 – REMINDER, you have on your HR Manager hat!

Develop a selection and training plan for the dream job [REF: Chpt. 7]

* What types of pre-employment testing you will use and why

* Thoroughly cover the selection decision: techniques, reliability and validity, legal matters, etc.

* Discuss EEO

* Include how you will interview

* 5 questions you will ask in the interview relating to your dream job

* 10 questions you cannot ask in an interview and the correct format to ask a potential candidate [if any]

* Outline the new employee training that you will require and why. MUST include details of employee training as it relates to YOUR dream job!

I included and attachment from assignment #1 ” The Perfect Dream Job” you can use maybe for reference.

Details also located in content area (minimum 3 pages).

This must be written up as a business report…therefore, you are typing up an actual paper, NOT a document; hence do not bullet, you must explain/expound.

See Rubric attachment!