assessing learning and test construction



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Part A

Based on this week’s readings and videos, please share why you believe that evaluating student learning is important in education. Please describe an evaluation process (either formative, summative, norm-referenced, or criterion-referenced) and give examples of how you might implement these ideas into your lesson plans.

Part B

Based on the readings, discuss the principles of test construction that you plan to use in your classroom. Please describe specifics of the evaluation process including the suggested format. You may also discuss
authentic, portfolio, and performance assessments if you plan to use these in your work with students. Please be sure to use a real-world example to demonstrate your point

Introduction to Instructional Design: Formative Evaluation
Duration: (2:36)
User: lrieber – Added: 5/29/08

Notebook: Standardized Tests
Duration: (1:06)
User: cbs – Added: 2/13/07

Educational Psychology – 1 Year Option, 12th Edition
Robert E. Slavin chapter 13 and 14