As we begin to finalize our essays this week, our discussion will focus mainly

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As we begin to finalize our essays this week, our discussion will focus mainly on academic writing and its importance. Remember to focus on all that you have learned in the previous weeks in regards to grammar and mechanics. Also, hopefully you have completed your APA Quiz for this week so that you will have a general idea of what APA is and why it is important.

After completing this week’s reading assignments, please respond to all of the following prompts in the discussion area below. 

1. Look at pages 109-110, and use “A Final Checklist for Your Essay.” You should be able to answer “Yes” to each of these questions. However, this is not always the case when reviewing what you have written. Choose one of the 15 questions and explain why you may have difficulty with this particular question in reviewing your essay. What are some of the reasons this is giving you trouble in your writing?

2. Pages 107-109 (V. Editing for Errors) give a series of ways to edit your essay for errors in both mechanics and grammar. Choose one of these ways and explain how you used it in revising your essay. Did it help? Why or why not?

3. APA Style will help you in formatting your paper and avoiding plagiarism. What is your experience with APA Style? What are three specific requirements of APA style to remember as you format your essay?