Artist Review

Artist Review

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Students will be given an article dealing with contemporary ceramics or some form of sculpture or drawing that relates to the ceramic field. Students will then reflect on the article presented commenting on the work for 400-500 words. The goal of this assignment is to increase awareness of contemporary artists and their work, and to reference ceramic forms, textures, and surfaces that can be redirected into student work. Also, through writing, students will improve their visual analytical skills and understanding of artist’s concepts, which drive the works production. Emphasis will be given to student’s personal reflections about the artist’s work and the article.

Personal Reflection

Students will be expected to explore original ideas and reactions from your observations concerning the information presented about each artist and their work. You are offered the liberty to focus on any aspect of the information presented including topics that range from the artist’s philosophy, production methods, examples of artwork, or particular characteristics of the artwork. Explore your ideas in detail, and present evidence in support of your observations when necessary. It is not mandatory to provide evidence from the content delivered in the assignment because many times your personal narrative will do. However, if you use information presented directly from the articles or websites, you must provide references in your text, and must offer a bibliography or works cited at the conclusion of the essay. MLA or Chicago styles are accepted. You may also provide images when necessary, included as plates or in the text.

This is a short essay assignment. Therefore, focus on one or two ideas, and explore with detail. You will be surprised how much you can write about one or two observations.

Note: This assignment is not a summary of the information presented about each artist, or a research project. The goal is to explore your observations, and present evidence to support your observations. If you find that you are referencing a lot of content presented in the essay, then you are most likely not executing the assignment properly. Remember, present your own ideas, and only use references when necessary to support your idea.


Ken Matsuzaki: Japanese

Pucker Gallery

Goldmark Gallery



Taking Friendly Fire.pdf

Extra reading

Yohen Kiln.pdf


Goldmark Gallery