Article about CAM technology and 3D printing machines for the jewelry industry

Chicago style, word document, 5 pages single space

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The language of the article should be clear and formal but please avoid to embellish information using complicated expressions and technical terminology.

Research should be organized by

– type manufacturing process (rapid prototyping machines, milling machines (CNC machines), laser sintering machines)

– type of utilization (Industrial printers and home printers suitable for jewelry production)

Should contain only relevant information about printers indicating which model is new and which is becoming obsolete.

Should provide information about using material; quality of final-product and resolution; сompatibility with CAD software; the cost of pieces of equipment, expenses, materials, service, and upgrades; other valuable information

At the end of research, popular printers should be organized

-by region (North America, South America, Europe, China, India, Russia, other areas on the availability)

An exemplary list of companies that produce printing machines: Envision TEC, Solidscape, GemVision, 3DSystems, DWS, OBJET, EOS (laser sintering machine), Chinese companies should be explored, etc. Companies that produce machinery for home usage: Asia, B9Createor, Autodesk, Formlabs, Reify Solus

There are two links to start with (they should be considered as a guide but not as relevant sources)……