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Assignment Regulation:

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• All students are encouraged to use their own word.

• Student must apply Harvard Referencing Style within their reports.

• Student are allowed to cite 10% from the word limit.

• A mark of zero will be given for any submission that includes copying from other resource without referencing it.

Instructions for the students:

1. First page of the assignment should be filled with

  • Course Code [MGT-322] and Course Title [ Logistics Management] and CRN-
  • Student Name and ID.Number
  • Date of Submission

2. Second page should be Assignment question.

3. After the question page then present your answer by clean and neat layout.

4. Assignment are should be submitted as word file like ID.NO- MGT-322 A-1 STUDENT NAME. [only CAPITAL LETTERS]

[Example.] 140158361-MGT-322 A-1 BANDER A ALGARNI