anthropology homework

Assignment 7- Hominid’s

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This assignment requires that you watch the video linked below and answer the questions. This video gives a fascinating look into early hominids. I selected questions that will overlap with your text, Notes Pkt. and powerpoint slides

A couple of years ago Zeresenay Alemseged spoke at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana about his find of Salem. Salem is an Australopithecus afarensis, the same species as Lucy. Lucy was on exhibit at the museum at the time (yes, the actual Lucy of 3.2 million years ago, shipped all the way from Ethiopia, I’m such an anthro nerd I saw her 4 times!).

BecomingHuman- First Steps

Questions-. Your answers don’t have to be long, but make sure you accurately and completely answer the questions. Some of the answers are in the text, notes pkt. or ppt slides for Ch 10.

1. What is a hominid (see Ch 10 ppt) and what features identify a hominid in the fossil record?

2. What was the environment of the Rift Valley like when Salem lived?

3. Which of the models for bipedalism do you think are most likely? Briefly state why you favor that model(s) (texbook and video).

4. What is competitive exclusion (ppt slides, text)?

5. What is the molecular time clock? When did we last share a common ancestor with chimps? (text, ppt slides and video) What process of evolution provides the changes that are counted in the molecular time clock?