Answering the questions provided as a group project

Please follow these guidelines to do

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the required parts called [the 4 Ps marketing mix components/ pages 17+18)]

which are linked as a part of the entire marketing plan

1. This is a group project.

2. – My group is assigned to prepare a marketing plan for an organization.

-The group has already chosen the (GoPro) product. We are focusing in (Cameras) in general for our marketing plan. No specified model.

3. Please note that before you start doing the required part (4 Ps), refer to the following materials and go through them:

  • Read very carefully the instruction given in the pdffile Named (MARKETING PLAN- My Required Parts in pages #17+18)then go to (The 4 Ps Marketing Mix
  • Components / pages 17+18)it is explained what is required to be done.

  • Read also the related Chapters (9,11,12,14 and 15)in pdfformat that related to the (4 Ps Marketing Mix Components / pages 17+18) as stated above.
  • The textbook material is also very useful and helpful to do my part. Unfortunately, I do not have the textbook. It might be available (online) via the free sources.
  • TH Edition. For your easy reference, a picture of the textbook

    is attached in the first page of the pdffile titled (MARKETING PLAN- My Required Parts in pages #17+18).

  • Make sure that the expected work is referenced in APA style.
  • 4. The next page shows (The Group Project Rubrics) and the grading scale. Please consider it.