answer two ques (each one paragraph) about perfectionism and relationship affecting mental health

Karen Horney’s theory emphasizes childhood parental love as essential for healthy development, whereas neglect produces a fundamental conflict that endures for a lifetime. Conflict is between basic anxiety (fear of not being loved or lovable) and basic hostility (anger about the lack of love). Horney’s interpersonal psychoanalysis and subsequent theories of object relations emphasize that the most important aspect of personality is the relationships we have with other people.

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Interpersonal orientations also influence physical health. Horney reported that repressed hostility may cause physical symptoms, such as headaches and stomach problems. To solve conflicts over basic anxiety, an individual adopts defense mechanisms.

  • Horney describes perfectionism critically, saying it can be a defense mechanism. Do you agree, or is it desirable to set very high standards?
  • Do you have any examples of how our relationships influence our mental health?