Answer the three questions posted below regarding a (non-franchise) potential entrepreneurial venture


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The Essay you create this week is to address and answer the three questions posed below regarding a (non-franchise) potential entrepreneurial venture you may be interested in undertaking at some time in the future. Use the Word template attached to complete this assignment and for all following essays. Complete all citations and references utilizing APA 6th form and style:

  1. Briefly describe an entrepreneurial venture (business) you may have some interest in and would possibly consider starting some day. Include in this section: (a) a detailed description of the venture’s products and/or services this company would provide; (b) the target markets and customer demographics you would sell to; (c) what advantage this venture would offer that makes it competitive; (d) what skills, knowledge, experience, or talents do you (as the entrepreneur/owner) bring to the venture; (e) what benefits (tangible and intangible) does this venture have for your potential customers; and (f) how do you propose getting products or services marketed? You are not supplying a business plan, however, from the information you supply should be complete enough to eventually develop a business plan. Do not limit your narrative to the items above (a through e), be creative in your description of your possible venture.
  2. Address the risks that must be considered both to the start-up and to the long-term viability of this venture?
  3. Include how the lesson this week informs your decision to start this venture?


You will need to conduct and then cite research regarding this venture; use both the AP US library and Internet resources. Make sure you cite and reference your sources regarding your venture according to APA form and style.

Please also read the assignment rubric attached. Before submitting your essay, read it over out loud to yourself to insure there are no grammatical errors, confusing sentences, missing punctuation, or uncited facts. Every fact, insight, opinion, or position you include that you learned from an expert resource must be properly cited in the text and referenced at the end of your essay according to APA form and style.

Your written weekly assignment paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length and contain a minimum of 3 cited sources. Please use the APA template attached below. Also attached is an “APA 6 Format & Style Help Sheet.”