Answer the questions with word

Answer the questions with word double space and use Times New Roman

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Question 1: Identify and discuss the historical significance of that 5 the following terms and explain how each term/item relates to an understanding of the African Diaspora

1- The Hametic Hypothesis.

2- The Olmec Stone Heads.

3- The Nat Turner Rebellion.

4- Mulattoes.

5- Palmares.

Question 2: In well-organized essays, Respond to two (2) of the following Questions. Reminder: Organize & express your thoughts & ideas in paragraphs with, at least introduction, body and concluding paragraphs.

1- Explain the development of African slavery in the New World. What factors led to this development? Identify and discuss the varying methods used by enslaved workers to resist their bondage conditions. What was the rate of their success or lack of success in their attempts to regain their freedom? Discuss.

2- Identify and discuss, 3 major challenges experienced and overcome by African peoples in the 20th & 21st centuries. How & why did these issues develop and how were they addressed at home and in the international Diasporic communities?