Answer all the questions please and the book is called Community/Public Health Nursing

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between health promotion and health protection by defining both.
  2. What is a BEHAVIOR? Behavior may affect BIOLOGY. Define behavior and then state:
    1. A behavior that may negatively affect a person’s biology and
    2. A behavior that may positively affect a person’s biology.
  3. Just as a person’s behavior may affect their biology so can Policies have an effect on the health of people in a community. Give an example of a Public Policy that you know affects your life daily.
  4. The HBM (Health Belief Model) though founded in the late 1950’s is still used today as a guide, a model in analyzing social behavior of compliance with health and medical care recommendations. This model is helpful to nurses when teaching a patient to understand the patient’s motivation or lack of motivation in following through with the plan of action the nurse is teaching. In studying the HBM model if the nurse is working with a woman age 45 and is teaching on the importance of scheduling a mammogram- utilize the model to explain the factors that might influence the patient’s decision to have the mammogram. (include in your discussion Perceived susceptibility, Perceived severity, perceived threats, perceived benefits, and perceived barriers.)

We know that Health is directly related to the activities in which one participates in : ie the food one eats, the substances one is exposed to. A healthy diet of appropriate portion size, appropriate calories, appropriate amounts and kinds of fats, fruits and vegetables, and regular physical activity, can have a positive affect on one’s health. Whereas a diet high in saturated fats, high calorie, low fruit and vegetable diets, heavy or binge drinking or little physical activity or exercise can have a negative affect on one’s health. Yet daily people make choices of either a positive or negative behavior on their health.

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  1. Define risk.
  2. Discuss the relationship of risk to health and health promotion activities.
  3. State a 3 Modifiable risk factor and one non Modifiable risk factor for 45 year old men in regards to their heart health.