answer 6 u s history discussion questions

Discussion Lesson 5 Topic: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.

Discussion Lesson 6 Topic: ,Discuss the strengths of both views before you decide which point of view was the most justified.

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Discussion Lesson 7 Topic: Andrew Jackson was an important figure in American History and particularly relevant to Georgia History. Consider all President Jackson’s accomplishments and controversies as President of the United States. It is not necessary to include in biographical information about Jackson unless it relates to his decisions as President of the United States. Given his decisions, was he a good or bad president? Do you think his legacy was ultimately good or bad for the country?

Discussion Lesson 8 Topic: Slavery. Discuss Slavery in America.

Discussion Lesson 9 Topic: Manifest Destiny.

Discussion Lesson 10 Topic: Civil War. Was it truly possible for the South to win the Civil War?

Please see the attachment for the entire questions and instructions.