annoted biblography (related to INfromation techonology)

List five highly credible sources that help you understand the scope of a current and unresolved

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issue in your field and the audiences who have decision-making authority over it. (NOTE: To arrive

at five great sources, you will probably review many more than that). One of those sources must be

from a scholarly journal. The remainder can be from the major newspapers, trade publications,

notable blogs written by credentialed authors, and high-end periodicals.

Include sources that address the following aspects of research for Essay 2:

● One source for background information about the issue (scholarly sources are usually good

for this purpose)

● One source that provides evidence about a potential audience, someone with

decision-making authority over the issue you are investigating

● Two sources that offer differing perspectives on the issue

● One source the establishes why this issue is current and unresolved in your field