annotated bibliography about electric vehicle

Content knowledge

Demonstrate content knowledge by answering questions about specific content (subject matter) from units studied and incorporate this knowledge when speaking or writing about the content topic.

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In order to demonstrate the ability to research, summarize and cite sources effectively, students will complete an annotated bibliography. In order to complete this assignment, students will need to: choose a controversial topic related to unit content, choose a position on the topic, locate at least six sources (at two against, and two videos), summarize each source, highlighting the claims and support, and correctly cite each source using the appropriate MLA or APA citation style.


Use appropriate language to support rhetorical analysis, persuasion and argumentation in spoken and written communication.

Rhetorical Thought Pattern

Demonstrate the ability to identify the features and language characteristics of persuasive and argumentative rhetorical thought patterns and be able to organize ideas in communication using these patterns.