Ancient egypt

Choose any ONE from the selections above. Write a complete, informed essay. (1000 words)
  1. Cleopatra: How then would you assess Cleopatra’s reign, power, skills and status in Egypt? What factors made her rise to power work as a female ruler when others ruled indirectly or as man? Why is she such a fascinating historical figure that inspired great literature by Shakespeare and drove the engine of Hollywood masterpieces? What is her legacy in your opinion?
  2. Archaeological Perspective: If you were in a position to delve deeper into any mystery about Ancient Egypt, what would it be? Why do you seek the ‘answer’ How would you go about it? How does various media (documentary and fiction films) and the science of archaeology influence your choice and how would you use archaeological methods to solve your mystery?
  3. Ancient Egypt: Then and Now Prior to taking this course, what informed your interest in Ancient Egypt? Why are we so fascinated with Ancient Egypt that we are drawn to investigate the mysteries? Is it their myth and religion interwoven with their obsession with the afterlife, the outstanding contributions to architecture, art and sculpture, medicine, astronomy and mathematics? Lastly, has your response to such a question changed after learning more about the Egyptians?
  4. Literature Question: How drastically does the role of magician and magic itself change from the first discussion of Heka early in the course, in many of our stories such as the, Shipwrecked Sailor, Tale of Two Brothers, and of Course theTales of Setna, Si-Osire etc. In other words, how does magic evolve as the society does? Or, in another analysis, how does the reverenced for magic become entertaining the later works?

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