Analyzing, Interpreting, and Assessing Visual Art

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Provide a response of approximately 150 words for each of the following:

  • Describe the artwork in terms of the six elements of visual design:
    line, space, light and color, texture, pattern, and time and motion.
    Focus on the elements that are most relevant to your selected work of
  • Analyze the work in terms of the five principles of visual design:
    balance, emphasis and focal point, scale and proportion, repetition and
    rhythm, and unity and variety. Focus on the principles that are most
    relevant to your selected work of art.
  • Evaluate the quality of the artwork based on the elements and
    principles of visual design. Analyze and interpret what the artist
    intended to communicate through this artwork, including the significance
    of the title, if any.
  • Assess the cultural and historical value of this artwork. Does it qualify as great art in your opinion? Justify your answer.