analyzing articles research class

Analyze and use critical thinking to answer these questions from 2 articles (separately in 2 files). Focus on research side of articles, not on content.
“Group 5 Qualitative Article” –> 4 questions
“Group 3 Qualitative Article” –> 4 questions
= 8 answers.

To analyze articles and answer questions use PowerPoints “Module 2 PPT”

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Qualitative appraisal exemplar

1. What sampling method was used. (point out at least 5 points)
(for example: Was sampling method appropriate or not ) please analyze.

2. How was data collected. (check PowerPoints and analyze)

3. What bias reducing methods were employed. (This part supposed to be the biggest. Please analyze and point out more than 12 reducing methods, check PowerPoints for tips)

4. What themes and sub-themes were identified
(Briefly explain the meaning of each theme)