Analytical Essay about Al Gore’s movie: An inconvenient Truth

You’ll have to watch the movie: An Inconvenient Truth (2006) from Al Gore to be able to write the essay.

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This assignment is to select a documentary film related to one or more of these global challenges and to write a critical and analytical review. As with the first two approaches, the essential questions to be addressed in this review are the same: How does the author or filmmaker frame the issue or problem? What solutions do they propose, if any, and how relevant, practical, or scalable are the proposed solutions? What does the film have to say about the changing nature of citizenship? How does the book or film frame the roles and responsibilities the various actors shaping the global context? In critiquing the selected book or documentary film students will want to consider the relative strengths or weaknesses of the author or filmmakers work in relation to other perspectives or approaches to the proposed problem.

minium of 1’500 words

double spaced

12 point font