AN ETHICAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY, writing homework help

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edit the paper to suit these requirements especialy the church and ten commandments part please. need it in one hour.

Ok, so you should start with where I was born and all that following from childhood till here and then finish up on how my ethical standing was shaped. some of the stuff about me. I was born in a country of Georgia small but an old country with deep religious values. We are orthodox Christians which is different from Catholicism. You don’t have to say much about religion just that our culture is made of religious values blended with the traditional view of what’s good and bad. We are very prone to collectivism, such as we not just follow your dreams but we have to satisfy the needs of our family. Every decision we make has to be agreed upon by family. Not as extreme as some part of Asia but not as developed as western European nations which are more individualistic where a person does whatever pleases himself/herself. 

As for my parents. Both my parents are very well educated therefore getting an education was always a must so to speak. My father is not religious but he believes in the general good of people sort of Kantian approach and he believes in virtue ethics which is what he was always trying to teach me. My mother, however, is more religious, she goes to church, she follow religious ethics as well as Kantian ethics but she always emphasized on how I should be a good person and what should I do in order to be a good person. for example I should not lie, make anyone suffer, shouldn’t respond back to elders, give my seat to elders, this is all over the place but just information that you can put together well. I want you to make small scenarios such as that helping those in need or just simply defending someone who has bullied that type of thing, to sort of provide an argument as in  why I think I was a good person. It has to show my development how my ethical understanding shaped. then maybe when I changed school I had issues with classmates at first, I got influenced by the wrong people who were considered popular but they were somewhat mean. And I started to think like them for a little while something along those lines, how my ethical standards fell because of it. then in high school how I matured and got to started questioning what was right for me? whether should I follow my mum’s teaching or is my father right to not believe in church and religion but only in god? is god real? I want to bring the examples that show my growing and getting more enlightened about various issues around me. Many ethical issues that arise crime, poverty, discrimination of gay people in my country, despite what I was taught I decided to question them for myself. I was good because I followed my parent’s wishes and I was taking in consideration what they wanted. they were giving me a lot of freedom but I myself always knew what they wanted and did it accordingly. Also how me being a person was respecting others, loving everyone, being forgiving, helping others to focus on that. But remember i was a bad person in middle school as i said when i was influenced by others. I started studying less lying to my parents. I decided to oppose my parents and to rebel. It’s good to question and not take blindly what you are handed but acting so far from your character is wrong (something like that). Another thing about me being good. I come from a family with good financial standing and since my country is still in developing stage not many people can say that. I always helped my friends got them presents, paid for their meals, took them to see movies because I knew that could not afford it otherwise and wanted to make them happy. 

Coming to New york to get my bachelor’s degree really opened up my mind about a lot of things. I first got to understand and witness racial discrimination which I have only heard of previously but thought the topic was closed but I was shocked to find out how it has never been the case. I got to learn about the American way of living and pushing individualism and egoism. Here people value themselves so much more and are not bound by their family moral values or perception. In fact how people are encouraged to be different and to always keep on exploring and finding what is that you follow. You can basically then talk about everything how animals are even treated here differently. How animals live is more valued here than some humans back in my country. 

Then this course taught me how to formulate my arguments. What;s the best approach to stating your argument. How do we derive to those ideas? It taught me different moral/ethical theories that shape humans perception of what is right or wrong. It taught me the great value of diversity, how to respect others opinions and how their opinions also made a huge impact and altered my opinion as well. and then just some other impressive topics that could have had a huge impact on me. 

Okay so this as much as i could tell you about myself, what style i want, what type of arguments i want. it basically tells a story of me but viewed from an ethical perspective. Now is there anything else that you want let me know?