alcohol abuse

Conduct some further, in-depth research of your chosen social problem and describe the history and evolution of that problem. Historically, what has been attempted in the past to eradicate the problem?

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In 1-2 pages, address the following in regards to your chosen social problem:

  • What is the history of the social problem?
  • What are the effects or consequences of this problem (negative and positive)?
  • What individuals, groups, organizations, social institutions are involved?
  • What values, beliefs, norms, and issues by whom are involved?
  • What sociological assumption(s) fit this problem?
  • What social factors (causes) are involved by level? (Who says so? research done?)
  • What sociological perspectives are involved?
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  • alcohol abuse
    & Kitsuse (2017) argue that the social issues affect the real world more
    especially how people respond to different situations. Examples of such social
    problems include; family violence, divorce, racism, marriage equality among
    others. Arguably, the human services tend to meet the basic needs through the
    application of knowledge which is aimed at preventing, reducing as well as managing
    the social problems in the society. However, the major issues affecting Miami
    city involve drug abuse, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, child maltreatment just
    to mention a few Spector & Kitsuse (2017).
    The article will, therefore, focus on alcohol abuse as the major social
    issue that is affecting human services as well as the society in Miami.

    Cardoso et al. (2016) has observed that despite the growing businesses, Miami
    is facing a major challenge of alcohol abuse. The high dominance of alcohol has
    made it the most abused substance in Miami County and throughout the nation.
    Adults, specifically the white men are most frequently reported in
    alcohol-related consequences.

    the local level, Miami is known as a top spot vacation in the entire country
    where leisure time is spent. Partying in the nightclubs and beaches relaxation
    during the day is the order of the day. Every year Miami hosts one of the
    largest Miami winter conference, largest music festivals. As with any party
    spot the use of alcohol has been higher than usual (Berger, et al., 2016).

    short-term and long-term effects have been on the rise in Miami. Loss of
    productivity has affected the US as a whole. More cancer-related cases
    specifically mouth and throat cancer, high blood pressure, stroke and other
    related heart diseases have increased. In summary, preventive measures, as well
    as strategies, need to be enforced to control the effects of the social
    problems that have affected both the human services and the society.