aggression, bullying, violence, Health 6 questions help

Please solve accordingly

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Here are some definitions and keywords:

Keywords and Pronunciation

  • aggression
    an offensive action or attack; an assault
  • bullying
    intimidation of a person; may include physical force, verbal taunts, name-calling, or put-downs
  • dating violence
    of aggression between two individuals who are in a romantic
    relationship; may include psychological and emotional abuse or sexual
  • domestic violence
    acts of physical aggression toward family members
  • homicide
    the act of killing a human being
  • intentional
    something that is done for a reason because someone has thought about an action before doing it
  • intimate partner
    a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife
  • physical fight
    physical force that hurts someone
  • sexual assault
    an attack of a sexual nature
  • sexual harassment
    unwanted and uninvited physical or verbal behavior or abuse of a sexual nature directed at another person
  • unintentional
    not done on purpose; done without thinking about it
  • violence
    the exertion of physical force to injure or abuse someone; an expression of physical or psychological aggression