Affective Computing and Virtual Worlds, writing homework help

1-For the assignment this week you are to write a 2-3 page report (can be double spaced) – Write a report summarizing Affective Computing and describe at least two current research projects in that domain. You will need to find a few sources on the topic to do so.  How do you feel about this type of research? Explain. In your report, be sure to support your summary and please be sure to cite your sources. Also be sure to proofread!  “Affective Computing Report” by 11:59 June 19th. This will be graded carefully, so be sure to take you time.

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2-For Tuesday, we will look at virtual worlds as our next emerging topic, but specifically from the perspective of marketing and business use.  Please read the posted articles on the topic and complete the virtual world assignment posted in the Homework tab. The articles are from 2007, so some of the numbers may a bit outdated, but the ideas and usefulness have remained the same. The quality of graphics and the available features of many of these platforms have improved drastically over the years. Second Life is one such virtual world that is still going strong, and has just been made compatible with the Oculus Rift.

There is anassignment posted in the Homework tab(Homework 6)basedon the topic. Be sure to submit by 11:59 June 19th.

I will attach a file for the Virtual Worlds.