Advertising analysis essay

We often let everyday texts pass by without actually examining what they are communicating to us. However, messages in everyday texts are not all as plain as STOP signs and green lights. Advertisements are examples of everyday texts that communicate a message, often a message that is hard to find, even as readers ignore them. For this assignment, you will be finding that message.

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Choose a print advertisement (not a TV commercial or internet banner ad, but one that currently appears or appeared in a magazine, newspaper or other print media) and write an essay that answers the following:

· Describe the visual content of the advertisement (This includes the visual images AND the text that appear together in the advertisement)

· Explain the message you think the company is trying to communicate with this advertisement

· Analyze the effect this message has on consumers. Do you think they “buy into” the message or critically receive it?

· INCLUDE A COPY OF THE ADVERTISEMENT WITH YOUR FINAL DRAFT! A PDF or part of the document is acceptable.


· Length: 3- 4 pages

· Double spaced; 1 in. margins; 12 pt. Arial or Helvetica font

· No outside sources beside the advertisement required, which must be cited in MLA format Works Cited page. If you choose to use one to back up your claims, it must also be cited on the Works Cited page.