Additional Discussion Topics

Part 1

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Answer each question individually and cite references if need be please….

WK 5 – Discussion Topic 3

Describe management’s role in setting ethical standards.

WK 5 – Discussion Topic 4

Distinguish between compliance-based and integrity-based ethics codes, and list the six steps in setting up a corporate ethics code

WK 5 – Discussion Topic 5

Define corporate social responsibility and compare corporations’ responsibilities to various stakeholders.

WK 5 – Discussion Topic 6

Analyze the role of U.S. businesses in influencing ethical behavior and social responsibility in global markets.

Part 2

Practice: Professional or Trade Organizations

Professional or trade organizations can provide ethical guidelines for business or professionals within their selected organization.

Research a professional or trade organization.

Provide one example of an ethical guideline supplied by the professional or trade organization.

Include a hyperlink to your selected professional or trade organization with your example.

Part 3

Apply: Ethical Violations Assessment

Select a company that has been in the news for ethical violations (for example, Enron).

Assess the following in 525 to 700 words:

  • Identify the alleged ethical violations
  • Determine why the violations were unethical (taking into account legal and regulatory requirements for the particular industry)
  • Explain how you would address the ethical violation in order to bring the company back into compliance