Activity- Mental Health Concerns Handout Flyer

Activity- Mental Health Concerns Handout Flyer

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Students are to create a visually appealing handout Flyer that they would provide parents information on a topic in special needs (e.g., Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Conduct disorder , extra).

The handout out needs to address:

  1. Please define the mental health topic.
  2. Discuss diagnosis, statistical rates, treatment options, extra.
  3. Discuss gender and cultural differences of the mental health topic
  4. What parents can to promote their child’s development if their child has this particular mental health concern
  5. Provide at least TWO LOCAL resources/agencies in Victorville Ca for parents on this mental health concern (provide the name, list of services, hours of operation, address, phone number and costs/eligibility, extra.

Make it informative, fun, has graphics, in color and visually appealing (typically only one page in length- can be front and back).