A MODEST PROPOSAL Writing Assignment

Write 3 page paper on the reading “The Modest Proposal” for English Literature

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I wrote it myself and got a failing grade…here are some VERY IMPORTANT points for the re-write per my instructor:

I will be more than glad to help you, but there is not really a way I can give you all the details that you need in an email. I can give you a bit of advice here, but it would be MUCH better for us to discuss this on the phone. I hope that you can make time to talk to me soon. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.
– Make sure you review the topic. You should be discussing two characters and which one (if either or both) truly achieved the success and happiness they desired in life.
-Once you decide on this, then you need to develop a thesis statement or argument. What are you going to try to convince the reader to consider? Everything else in the essay will point back to this one thought.
– You will have an introductory paragraph with the thesis statement.
– You will choose 3-4 points for the body of your essay and discuss those. Each point should support your thesis.
-Then, you’ll have a conclusion paragraph.
– Don’t forget that personal pronouns are not allowed in the essay.