8 English Homework Questions On Beowulf ($12.00)

Canto 10 (Lines 665-705) Question #1: How does the poet create suspense in the closing lines of this section?


Canto 11-12 (Lines 710-835) Question #2: Describe Grendel’s attitude on his final approach to Herot. 

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Canto 11-12 (Lines 710-835) Question #3: Review lines 770-781. What major Anglo-Saxon value is implied here? 


Canto 13 (Lines 840-920) Question #4: Review lines 899-924. The poet contrasts two kings and a prince. Who are they and what point is the poet establishing about leadership?  


Cando 18 (Lines 1195-1250) Question #5: Recap Queen Welthow’s blessing and request of Beowulf. 


Canto 19 (Lines 1255-1320) Question #6: How does her murderous patter differ from Grendel’s (His Mother)? Why would this difference be understandable in the Anglo-Saxon world? Find the lines to support your response.


Canto 21 (Lines 1385-1470) Question #7: How does his response reflect the Anglo-Saxon warrior code and goal? 


Canto 21 (Lines 1385-1470) Question #8: Why does Beowulf shoot one of the sea monsters? 



Instructions For Answering These 8 Questions: Answer with a short simple to the point answer (2-3 sentences at most should be enough) and add a short quote from the book supporting the answer at the end.