7 distinct sections and 500 word essay


Click on the link above and read through each of the links listed below. Take half page of notes from each of the following links listed below. For this assignment, you will submit 3.5 pages of notes. Number and title each section so that it is clear there are 7 distinct sections. Double spacing is allowed. These notes must be in your own words, and they must demonstrate your mastery and understanding of the material. Your submission must be as an attachment in Word, pdf, or rtf format.

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1. Early Roman Civilization

2. Etruscan Civilization

3. Republican Rome

4. A Brief Social History of the Roman Empire

5. Augustus Caesar and the Pax Romana

6. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

7. Christianity and the Roman Empire

500 word essay. Compare and contrast the different political, social, and religious characteristics of the Mesoamerican and Peruvian civilizations with the Ancient Greeks. How were these factors similar/different for these early peoples? Do any of these political, social, and religious characteristics still influence modern society? If the continual impact of the political, social, and religious factors today is greater from one civilization over the other, why do you feel this is the case? Give specific and concrete reasons for your position.