600-800 Reflective report on Data Security

You will submit a Reflective Report on Data Security based on contemporary security issues. Students
should collect a paper from a journal or a newspaper or a magazine and analyse it critically. A 600-800
word reflective report on how Data Security is affecting in every aspect of our life. This task requires you to
critically apply your knowledge and understanding of information systems security you have learnt from
topics 1 to 4 from your text book,(i have attached the 4 slides. Please have a look) other reading materials as well materials on LEO. The report should
demonstrate how you have actively engaged in the unit materials and contemporary news from Media and
journals. Data Security is now a critical issue around the world and your awareness on this issue is very
important if you would like to have a gainful employment as an IT professional in any organization in future.

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Your report must be supported by references through additional readings. This is the structure of the report.
The report should be written in 12-point font
with 1.5 line spacing.

Your case study report should be structured as follows:

1. Introduction (approximately 100 words) – Provide an overview of your report (e.g., purpose,
scope etc).

2. Identify the main issues and problems(approximately 100 words)

3. Analyse and evaluate critically all relevant issues (approximately 400 words).

4. Recommendations (approximately 100 words)
5. Conclusion (approximately 100 words) – Summarise and synthesise your report.
You can use subheadings if you think proper. We expect a professional report from you with
properly edited

And make sure the word count is 800 (excluding Cover page, Table of Contents,
Diagrams and References). Also this is a turnitin Report. Please attach the selected journal or case study. Because i need to attach that one as well.

References –
Google Scholar
will also help you to locate relevant materials. Your report’s analysis and recommendations should
be clearly explained, logically presented, and firmly based on evidence. It is essential that you
carefully cite references (minimum 5 collecting relevant materials from different sources)
supporting your analysis and recommendations. Harvard Referencing Style must be followed.

Please have a look the rubric as well.