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Address the topics. Your original response should be at least 350 words and should reflect the
fact that you have completed the assigned readings for the week. Remember, this
is your chance to illustrate not only your understanding, but also your mastery
of the materials for the unit. Use your words wisely so the posting has
substance and includes examples and explanations. Limit the use of direct
quotes, and do your best to critically evaluate and synthesize the literature in
your own words wherever possible. Make sure to include in-text citations and a
reference list as appropriate.

1) Evidence of Intelligence [1 of 2]

someone well-known whom you believe to be “intelligent.” Everyone has
to pick someone different, so first come, first served!

be careful. You will also discuss in detail, using scholarly/academic
resources to support your observations, why exactly you believe this
person to be intelligent. What did he or she display that has been
empirically linked to intelligence? What kinds of evidence would you
provide for your argument that this individual is intelligent? Be sure
to include references and specifics regarding your observations.

2) Cognitive Functioning [2 of 2]

your specialty area, imagine that you received a referral from a
colleague for a psychological assessment concentrating on cognitive

Create a referral question, for
example, “Please assess this individual in terms of his/her ability to
participate in and benefit from an inpatient substance abuse
rehabilitation program.”

Pick the appropriate
instrument for a specific client among the Wechsler Adult Intelligence
Scale IV (WAIS-IV), the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children IV
(WISC-IV), or the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of
Intelligence-III (WPPSI-III).

Describe the client’s demographics, for example, “38-year-old divorced female…”

Employing the correct instrument for the client and the referral question, briefly review each of the subscales in terms of:

  1. What are they believed to measure?

  2. How, specifically, would each score contribute information that would answer the referral question?