500 words essay for Macro Organizational Behavior

(The following is the requirements of this assignment)

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I hope you enjoyed the lectures and the egg drop exercise yesterday. The title for the first group critical essay is:

Discuss the stages of group development and the critically reflect on how they influenced your performance as a group in the egg drop exercise?

Please follow the following instructions for your group critical essay:

1.Please include a cover page with your group critical essay submission that includes each group member’s name, word count, and essay title. The cover page will not contribute towards your word count.

2.Please submit the group critical essay in your groups in your Turnitin assessment dropbox before the deadline. This will be available soon.

3. Importantly you are required to submit an individual 500 word (this does not include the title page and the reference list) critical contribution to the group essay in Brightspace to the group essay a few days before the group essay is due. Each individual contribution will require that the focus of your critical analysis be a different elemeout nt of Brookfield’s first three components of critical thinking to your group members (you can find a copy of Brookfield’s four components of critical thinking here). Each individual contribution should have a minimum of 3 references from academic journal articles.

Note: the egg drop exercise

Professor gave us one egg(row), four straws, three paper(A4) and tape to protect the egg are not break from about 3 meters tall.

We succeed protect it.