500 word answer with reference

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  1. Telling us what county (and/or city, if you choose to use that data) you live in, and then give a demographic account of the population that comprises your location. Be sure to include an overview of the cultural/ethnic/racial groups that live in your area. As you review your county or city’s statistics, consider what other information is important for us to know as human services professionals working in the area of child and family welfare. Then, address the following questions:
    1. Pick two cultural/ethnic/racial groups and based on the readings this week, discuss their communication styles, values, and religious beliefs.
    2. Now think about constructing a genogram with a client in your area. Based on what you learned from your local census data and the textbook, what would be some of the hurdles you may face when trying to construct a genogram with your clients?
    3. What are some of the benefits of using a genogram with clients?