5 Page Paper on Feminist Ethics

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Chapter 3

Please write a critical and analytical essay in which you describe the core elements of feminist ethics.  Second, please either defend or reject the feminist critique of traditional ethics.  In your analysis, you should identify the major elements of traditional ethics criticized by feminist ethics.  Your essay should, among other things, clearly identify the main characteristic of feminist ethics, and describe how these characteristics differ from the core characteristics of traditional ethics.


Your paper should satisfy the following minimal guidelines:


·Five (5) pages

·Follow either Chicago, MLA or APA manual of style

·Times New Roman 11

·Double space

All papers will be evaluated for:



·Effective argumentation


·Sentence level concerns (i.e., grammar, spelling, syntax).

·Critical understanding of the ideas and/or philosophical theories under discussion.  (If any of these components is deemed unsatisfactory, the paper as a whole will be considered unsatisfactory)