4’ps paper ( 2 pages+ reference page)

No need to have an introduction or conclusion.

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i need you to do the 4 p’s on this product that we will sell to Indonesia.

1- product and packaging:

Please talk about how it is packaged and how many units can we fit in a 20 feet container and 40 feet container

here’s the product:https://instapark.com/solar-power-panels/mercury27-portable-n-foldable-27-watts-solar-battery-charger.html

2-Price and promotion: The product will cost us 63$ and we will sell it for 120$. We will sell it to Ace hardware in Indonesia. I need you to also talk about the packaging. How is it packaged? We will not change the packaging.

120$ for the first 3 years then depending on our sales and competition prices and how we gained market share. we might raise the price

3-The only promotion we will be using is that we will provide the retailer with brochures about the product.

4- Place: Ace hardware in Indonesia.

Here are the competitors:




Attached are some links that you can use. Here are some more links:

https://www.worldvision.org/disaster-relief-news-stories/2018-indonesia-earthquake-facts In market opportunities

https://www.care.org/country/indonesia NGO